Nov. 2009 – Show and Tell

Name Tag Challenge

Rob's Nametag

Rob's Name Tag

ROB – Rob Fagan brought in this great name tag. It’s made up with keys from a donor keyboard and LEDs.

Bob's Name Tag

Bob's Name Tag

BOB Spangler enjoys projects with fabrics and did some free stitching on his sewing machine to put his name on this shirt.

Mike's Wave

Mike's Wave

Mike O’Brien got our name tag challenge kicked off. This is Mike’s wave.

BuiltToSpec Name Tag

BuiltToSpec Name Tag

Built-To-Spec. This is Craig’s name tag. It is made from acrylic etched in his laser cutter and housed in a case illuminated by an LED. Craig documents many of his projects on his Built To Spec web site and is a frequent contribuitor to Thingiverse

Desktop Fabrication

Craig keeps coming up with great projects he’s built. He brought in his recently completed MakerBot from parts he cut with his laser cutter and some parts from MakerBot Industries and other suppliers.

Craig's MakerBot

Craig loaded up a design in the computer then instructed the MakerBot to print the design.  He chose to print out a whistle complete with the little ball printed inside. Everything worked, the whistle sounded like one that could have been bought at a store.

Craig's MakerBot Whistle

Craig's MakerBot Whistle

Costume Alterations

Skirt Alterations

Skirt Alterations

Bob brought in this skirt he altered with his sewing machine as part of a costume he’s working on.

Metro Homeschool Robotics Team Update

Metro Homeschool Robotics Team Update

Sharon Mehl showing a slide presentation about the Metro Home Schooler’s robotics projects and the awards they’ve received.

Most photo’s provided by Jeremy Darling

Report By Vince Thompson



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